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Shoglass Illuminated Drinkware is designed to backlight a full color 3D  or animated wrap insert that converts double-walled drinkware to an emotive connection that is interactive and fun.   

The twist-and-lock removable base contains lighting circuits and power source; making the drinkware easy to hand wash and maintain.   The electronics have been designed for simple No Soldering assembly. 

All components, including the electronics, may be USA sourced supporting your “Made in the USA” commitment.

The U.S. utility patent provides legal protection and assures your competitive edge while allowing for flexible tumbler and mug designs.  


All Product Photos are "Working Models".

Contact R. Dale Hoy for a 20-minute Prototype Demonstration.


Shoglass, Illuminated Drinkware


  • Your Collegiate Licenses
  • Student Body X 10%
  • Alumni and Parents X 5%
  • Projected Annual Unit Sales = 6 Figures


Capitalize on Your Opportunity.

With the establishment of a formal business relationship and the leveraging of your engineering, manufacturing and marketing expertise; the introduction of Shoglass Illuminated Drinkware to the marketplace, elevates certainty of market share, profit expectations and continuing your growth strategy.


With a modest sales projection that assumes capituring 10% of the student body and 5% of the alumni and parent market per Collegiate License, gross sales of this product would easily top 6 figures.


By leveraging your manufacturing capabilities, exceptional people and broad distribution network; Shoglass is the advantage that allows for expansion of your current Product Family offerings.





Shoglass is a fun experience, has no direct competition, and you will be the first to offer illuminated double-walled drinkware featuring a 3D or animated wrap insert. 

Our Strategy

Next Steps:


1.  Schedule and present a 20-minute prototype demonstration      for you and your Marketing, New Product, and Business          Development Team Members.


2.  Establish a Formal Business Relationship with your                  organization to complete the commercialization and market      introduction of Shoglass Illuminated Drinkware.

What We've Already Completed:

  • Identifed a market and prepared unit sales projections.
  • Secured legal protection with US Patent 6511196 and US Patent 6923549.
  • Created proof of concept "Working Model" and Prototype.
  • Designed electronics that may be USA sourced.                            
  • No Soldering assembly.
Shoglass, Illuminated Drinkware
Shoglass, Illuminated Drinkware



Contact R. Dale Hoy to scheduling a          20-minute prototype demonstration and Capitalize on Your Opportunity. 


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Shoglass Illuminated Drinkware

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